Does Hollywood have an Issue with Natural Hair?

Does Hollywood have an Issue with Natural Hair?

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely can have a love/hate relationship with my natural hair. Some days, my curls make every diva in my radius want to drop dead, and some days, I can hear the creamy crack (perm/relaxer) calling me back to him.

Gladly, I’ve resisted every time, and so has other Sistas who have decided to be a part of the Natural Hair Movement.  It can be quite the journey going from straight to curly.  Families and friends can be your biggest supporters, or even worse, your biggest haters.

1335283306_giuliana-rancic-402 If being the real you wasn’t complicated enough, just try to build a career in corporate America, and you will really be blown away of how narrow-minded people really are about natural Black hair, especially if you are in the entertainment industry.

There are a number of shows/movies that are starring Black women. I have proudly tuned in to these shows during their weekly premieres and have even paid my $12.50 at Loews Cinema to support them. I love to hear side conversations of colleagues discussing the shows and agreeing with the decisions they made.

Yet, once again headlines prove that Hollywood is inclined to the Black woman, but does not really fancy her natural hair.

So when the Twitter fans dragged Giuliana Rancic’s for saying Zendaya Coleman’s faux locs “looks like they smell like Patchouli oil and weed”, I realized that this opinion of Afro-centric styled hair is not an uncommon one.

zc Straight, flowing hair that blows in the wind, has always been the standard of beauty which all women are measured by. Any hair pattern that has a tighter curl is viewed as course, and is considered messy and unattractive.

It is thoughtless to not think of the racial intonations these ideas of hair carry. Repeatedly women of color have been ridiculed for choosing to rock natural looks.

The backlash Beyonce has received for not straightening or perming her daughter, Blue Ivy’s hair shows that these ideas of beauty and discontent iawith natural Black hair shows no one is exempt.  While many consider her daughter’s hair as unkempt, magazines and blogs will deem countless white celebrities as edgy or fashion forward for rocking cornrows and other ethnic hair styles.

Hollywood has to start appreciating every part of the colored girl. There is nothing wrong with choosing to where extensions/relaxing your hair, yet there is nothing right about being slandered for wearing your natural curls. I think it is admirable of women like Teyonah Parris and Viola Davis who wear their natural tresses on the red carpet. Zendaya Coleman looked beautiful at the Oscars and hopefully she inspires the rest of Black Hollywood to lay down their wigs and weaves and embrace their waves and curls.


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